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Central & North Queensland's Solar, Air-conditioning and Electrical experts

Solar Water Pumping

Solar water pumping is a growing attribute in the bush as the convenience and price see it replace windmills and fuel powered components.

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Coming from cattle and grain properties ourselves the team at C-Mac Electrical understand how important water is to our customers therefor we put our name behind the industry leaders – Grundfos. Grundfos pumps are in a league of their own as they have the capability to run from both AC and DC power sources.

Why is this so important you may ask?    Because if you have sized your pump to run from solar and produce enough water through the day and you have a failure in a trough, tank or pipe line, then this pump can be hooked up to a generator at night allowing you to catch up on the lost water!

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All of our pumps are installed using only the best performing and most reliable equipment. With a fully engineered solar array on aluminium ground mount or roof mount racking, stainless steel cable clips and ties and high quality easy disconnection isolation points making it easy for the customer to relocate if required.

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