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Off-Grid/Hybrid Solar with Batteries

With the solar industry growing at a rapid pace people have started to look for a place to store the energy they have made from the sun. C-Mac Electrical is offering you the chance to beat the power companies by producing and storing your own electricity ensuring unexpected electricity bills don’t hit you when you least need it.




The battery our company stands behind for our hybrid and off-grid solar installations is the LG CHEM battery. The combination of outstanding features paired with an unbeatable price and compact size make this the battery of choice for many of the situations we encounter.

When the LG CHEM hit the market it startled it’s competition. Some points comparing the well know TESLA POWERWALL and the LG CHEM:

  • Total storage capacity : TESLA POWERWALL- 6.4kWh, LG CHEM – 6.4kWh
  • Warranty : TESLA POWERWALL – 10 yrs, LG CHEM – 10 yrs
  • Peak Power – TESLA POWERWALL – 3.3kW, LG CHEM – 5kW
  • Weight – TESLA POWERWALL – 100kg, LG CHEM – 60kg
  • Storage – TESLA POWERWALL – must be wall mounted, LG CHEM – Can store on the ground

The large difference between these two units is the peak power rating. There is no point having all that storage potential if you can’t get the power in and out fast enough. Therefore the more compact LG unit outperforms the Tesla unit on many levels. The other great benefit of the LG battery system is the ability to easily connect expansion units providing you the convenience of being able to expand your battery system as your circumstances change.

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