Central & North Queensland's Solar, Air-conditioning and Electrical experts
Central & North Queensland's Solar, Air-conditioning and Electrical experts

Grid-Connect Solar

At C-Mac Electrical and Solar we use only the most suitable products for our harsh environment. Both our module and inverter choices reflect our experience in town and in the outback and are the result of tireless research and development from our chosen tier 1 manufacturers to ensure you get the best quality system available.


We recommend and use only Renesola 260W solar modules for many reasons. We have listed just a few below.

  1. Lowest Temperature Co-efficient on the market (least losses for each extra degree of operating temperature)
  2. Certified PID free (tested at length in extreme conditions – such as 85 degrees Celsius operating temperature at 85% humidity)
  3. To achieve a PID status the module is made from high quality materials and has a reduced chance of moisture entering the panel.
  4. Best value for your money on the market. Nothing else in this price range has the same features.


We recommend SMA inverters as they have proven themselves time and time again and are now an industry standard. On-grid or off-grid there is a solution in the SMA range to meet your needs. Ask us about our zero export and home manager systems.

Zero Export Systems

These days the energy providers regulations are becoming more restrictive in some areas but there are still many beneficial reasons to fit solar to your property.

If you have been told that you can’t have solar because you’re on a SWER line or told you’re limited to a certain sized system because you’re either at the end of a SWER line or your transformer isn’t big enough, well we say YOU CAN!

We have found a way you can have a system that meets your needs whilst still meeting all of Ergon’s requirements. If you currently have a time of use tariff (ie. tariff 62) where your power is costing you a fortune during the day and only 14 cents/kWh at night then solar energy is perfect for you!

If you have had trouble with your connection agreement with the utility or are still unsure whether solar is the right option for you, give us a call today on 0428856169 and ask us about a zero-export system today or talk to some of our existing customers below who are already benefiting from a range of our unbeatable  services.

Recently completed zero-export system at Einsleigh.












This system comprises of:

13kW of Renesola 260W modules.
2 x SMA 5000TL-21 inverters.
SMA speedwire connectivity installed on inverters.
SMA energy meter and SMA sunny home manager set for zero-export


Existing Customers

Darcie and Julieanne Cowan – Oakleigh Station
07 4062 5130


Shane and Wendy Perry – Strathfield Droughtmasters
‘Fletcher Awl’
07 4983 5107